Remodeling an Historic 1932 Colonial Revival Home

The best home remodelings sometimes are the most subtle.  This 1932 Colonial Revival home in historic Olde Beechwold (Columbus, Ohio) needed updating, but didn't need a dramatic overhaul. The new owners moved from another home in the area, and already understood this home's potential.

The classic lines and symmetry of the home remained untouched outside.

Ready, Set, Stuck - 4 Strategies for Getting Your New Home Past the Dream Stage

So you've been dreaming about your new or remodeled home for a long time now.  You've looked at dozens – maybe hundreds – of house plans online.

You've built up a huge collection of photos on Houzz, or Pinterest, or both.

And yet somehow, you don’t feel any closer to your dream house.  Maybe you even feel a little further away from it.  You thought that by taking your time and collecting ideas and information you’d make progress, but instead, you’re stuck.

Getting stuck at the dream stage is a common problem that I hear about every week from people just like you – here are a few email snippets:

“…we've looked at around thirty home [designs] and still haven't found anything that we like…”

“I have been looking for…house plans and they are mostly horrible!”

“I was able to find one house plan that was close, but needs quite a few modifications…”

“…last night on Houzz, as I was skimming through photos for the 100,000th time…”

“Most of the homes I have found on line etc., did not have interiors to my liking…”

“We have no idea what all this is going to involve as we have never tackled anything like this before.”

“My husband and I have been looking for what seems like forever…”

Do any of those sentiments sound familiar? I have dozens more examples, but you get the idea.

A Tiny Bath Gets A Little Bigger, and Becomes a First-Class Master Bath

Making the most of a small space is a big part of what we do, but sometimes, we have to add a little more space to make everything work the way it should.

A little more space was all that was needed to turn this cute little hall bath into a very comfortable and well-appointed master bath.

Find The "Missing Room" In Your House

Of course she was embarrassed.

My client had invited me to see her home, the one she wanted to move from.  We came in through the garage – where most Americans enter their home – and walked into the laundry room.

She wanted me to see how she lived now, and get a better idea of what she did and didn’t want in her new home.

She wanted me to see how it was the only place for her family to enter the house, and how small the room was, and how she had to kick laundry baskets out of the way to get in the house.

Before and After - A Simple Kitchen Remodel That Makes A Big Difference

Sometimes a dramatic kitchen makeover requires a complicated design, lots of expensive structural changes, maybe even a room addition.

Sometimes, but not always.

Nothing complicated was needed to make this old worn out kitchen dramatically better.  Take a look at these two "before and after" pictures, taken from the same spot in the family room.  The doors, windows, and appliances are in the same places that they were before.

So what's changed?

New appliances, cabinets, and countertops, of course.  We opened up the wall between the kitchen and family room with a broad arch, and partially enclosed the breakfast nook with another broad arch.

A few small changes, but that's about it.  See more pictures of this project here.

No room addition, no big structural changes, no complicated design.  It's a good example of a remodeling design philosophy of mine, which is to do as much with existing space as possible before thinking about adding on.

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How To Empty Your Nest (With a Little Help)

We get to know our clients pretty well over the weeks, months (and sometimes years) of their design and construction projects. They talk with us about their homes; their hopes and dreams; and tell us the stories of their lives.

Sometimes, we’re a part of their stories.

A few years ago, I was working with a couple designing their retirement home in northeastern Ohio. They’d been imagining this home for years – it was going to be their last, and they wanted it to have everything they’d always dreamed of.