Knock Knock - We know exactly why this whole "house" thing is making you crazy, and we want to help.

You're here because you care about your home - you want to make the one you have better, or you want to make a new one that does all the stuff you want it to do.

Or maybe you don't have any plans to do any designing or building right now, but you like keeping up with house and home info, for when you're ready to jump in, hammer in hand.

Problem is, most house and home newsletters are about building products, or tools, or framing techniques, or growing herbs indoors, or decorating with things you found at a yard sale, or weirdly modern homes that look like art galleries.

You're not looking for that.  You're looking for practical advice, for motivation, and for someone to tell you it's alright not do it the way everyone else does.

You want a little help from someone who loves your house as much as you do.

Which is why we created Knock Knock.

Knock Knock is about how to make your home live better for you and your family and making every square foot work - wasted space is a capital offense at Knock Knock!

Knock Knock is about the basics of home design and construction - so you'll know how to have meaningful conversations with your Architect, home designer, or builder.

Knock Knock answers the questions "I have no idea where to start" and "I have no idea what to do" with insights and tips, and occasional articles like these:

- 9 Unconventional Ways To Improve Your Home
- The Secret to Creating a House that's Easy to Sell (someday)
- Choose the Right Builder
- How to Choose the Right Shutters

You're going to get the knowledge you need to help yourself get started, and get it done.

We know exactly why this whole "house" thing is making you crazy, and we want to help.  Just fill in the box below and you'll be on board with the latest from Knock Knock.

See you soon!

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