A New Craftsman-Style Home

There's something about American Craftsman style that's appealing to more and more homeowners these days. A higher level of detail is common in homes of this style, but it's more than that. Perhaps it's the "accessibility" of Craftsman detail; the simple logic of it; and the comfortable human scale.

I'm not talking about production homes that slap on "Craftsman" details like icing on a cake but are otherwise just drywall boxes; I'm talking about homes like the one in these photos.

Craftsman home style was an early 20th-century American invention, influenced by the English Arts & Crafts movement, and a reaction in part to the soullessness of Moderism.

In California in particular, Craftsman became the default style for Bungalow homes.  From the west coast Craftsman Bungalows spread across the country - there are numerous examples in the close suburbs of most large cities in America.

Today, many homeowners are turning again to smaller homes and Craftsman Style seems a natural fit.

Properly done, a Craftsman home can contribute to a closer relationship between a home and the people who live in it - something that should be the goal of any new home design.

See more photos of this home here.

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