Dec 29, 2011

Regarding Homes - A Few Thoughts For The New Year

Happily, there's much "up" to report in the world of residential Architecture, interior design, building, and planning as we enter the new year -
  • The "McMansion" era may be behind us, as homeowners are demanding better, tighter, more responsible and more personal design
  • Conspicuous consumption in home design is out; family life and quality living experience is in
  • Home prices are down from the ridiculous highs of 2005 to a level that reflects their true value in the marketplace (I know, that hurts - a lot - if you're trying to sell right now)
  • Changing demographics and economics are putting the brakes on suburban sprawl; buyers at both ends of the age spectrum have a renewed interest in "walkable urbanism"
  • Quality of life is once the again the primary form-generator in design, replacing the auto, which dominated design and planning for 50 years
  • Interior Design is less about covering every square inch with "something" and more about comfortable, casual, everyday living

So if you're in need of a resolution for the new year, try these on for size:

Architects - let's challenge ourselves to create homes that are gifts to the owners, rather than monuments to design. The best award we can win is the improvement of the lives of our clients.

Interior Designers - the best-decorated homes shouldn't look like you've been there at all; they should look like they're lived in by someone with great taste.

Builders - a renewed focus on quality, not quantity, will turn heads your way. Smaller, smarter, better is here to stay.

Planners - good design - at all levels - is the glue that holds everything together; forget you ever heard the term "Level of Service" - replace it with "Level of Design" instead

I look forward to celebrating the delightful, the subtle, the amazing, the restrained, and the responsible in Architecture, decorating, and building in 2012!


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