Under Construction: A Weekend Cottage In The Hills

The owner of this little cottage, under construction in the Hocking Hills region of south-central Ohio, told me today that he "wants to build another one"..."this is fun!", he said.

I think I know what he's talking about, it's the thrill of seeing a design jump off of the drawings, of watching an idea come to life.  It's knowing that it's finally real.

We spent and hour and a half at the building site today, checking the work of the contractors, making a few adjustments, and confirming the choices they've made for materials and colors.  The window, trim, and siding colors, I told them, are just right.

The side porch looks out towards the sunsets, across a small clearing in an otherwise forested hillside. When it's done, the porch roof will be held up by four massive reclaimed barn-beam posts.  It's going to be a great place to enjoy cool evenings by the outdoor fireplace.

Inside, this large open living space is where family and friends will spend relaxing weekends in the hills.  To the right is where the kitchen will be, separated from the family room by reclaimed barn beams and posts. The doors at the back wall will open onto a large patio.


Here's the back of the cottage and the covered sunset patio.  It's the view the owner's family will have coming back to the cottage after a morning's hike in the Hocking Hills.

Ahh, the weekend cottage in the hills...I'm feeling relaxed just thinking about it...

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