Moving Day

It's a good time to take stock - of what you have that you use, and what you have that you don't use. Of what you need and what you don't need. What you've kept for love, and what you've kept for vanity.

Moving is difficult enough, without having to dig useless, forgotten things out of the crawl space or from the corner of the basement - and then bury them in the crawl space or basement corner of your next home.

Boxing up all of your belongings and physically moving them to another place - it's literally your life's baggage - is a good time to purge yourself and your life of things that are weighing you down.

The thought of the effort of moving your belongings can put a cloud of dread over the excitement of planning a new house, or planning a remodeling, but it can also be a welcomed opportunity for a fresh start.

While you're planning your home, consider how much space you might have to build just to hold old things that you could live without.  Consider the cost of that space, and how you might use the money for better things - maybe better finishes in your house, or maybe for something completely unrelated to it.

And consider others who might make better use of things that are useless to you. Is there a family in your town that would cherish the children's bikes your kids haven't ridden in ten years? Is there a cub scout pack that could pass your along your old camping gear to a less fortunate family so that they could join in the fun?

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